Abby’s on the Scene

Atlanta Newborn Photographer: Wannabe baby whisperer.  Well she made it.  Welcome Abigail Sophia Brooks!  Abby did not even wait a whole month  after I took her mom’s maternity pictures before she made her debut.  When she was just 5 days old Miss Abby and I met for the first time.  So precious and new- she still had that newborn lanugo “hair” all over her body to keep her warm.  We decided to just capture abby by herself at this very new stage and then I came back about a week later and we took some pictures of Abby with the whole family.  I am 0/2 when it comes to newborn babies sleeping soundly while you take their pictures if you do it while they’re young enough.  Remember Thomas, his mom swore the day I came was the first time he ever stayed awake for more than a 30 minute stretch at a time.  Well Miss Abigail wasn’t much different.  I think the babies just love me, and want to get to know me as soon as they can so they fight off sleep so we can hang out…

Well we did okay anyway and wow there’s nothing more peaceful than a baby or child just sleeping soundly unaware an unaffected by anything else happening around them.

When the babies go to sleep for me, it’s always fun to try out some different poses.  Abby loved my little cocoon, and she made her fingers just look simply delicious.

So for now I’ll just leave you with a  little bit of Abby, and I’ll share some more of her gorgeous family later.

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