Cultural Exploration a Little Closer to Home: Stone Mountain Pow-wow

This month I had the opportunity to attend the Native American Pow-wow at Stone Mountain Park.  I’ve heard of this for years, but never taken the time to go until now.  Stone Mountain is a favorite hang out spot for me and Jackson.  We can spend hours there walking around the mountain, playing at the playground or cooling off in the water by the grist mill.  This weekend the Pow-wow was a little something different.  Jackson loved the drums and all of the bright and colorful outfits.  Young and old participated in this wonderful event and despite a little rain there was a great turnout of spectators and participants.

Honoring her ancestors

Jackson’s Grand Entry

  After a while we stretched our legs  and wandered over to an area where Jackson could pet the sheep and goats.  There were also so pot belly pigs.

I thought he’d be more afraid of the animals. He wasn’t ready to take his eyes off of them, even when I told him to look at me, but in true Jackson form he was petting the animals and wanted to feed them.  But when this goat got a little too close he just said “don’t eat me friend”.

It rained a little bit but that didn’t stop us from enjoying our outing.  This young lady in particular was mesmerizing.  She danced like she had air in her feet, and with such joy on her face.  She was nice enough to take Jackson around when there was an opportunity for audience participation.  Christina was from Kentucky, at 11 years old, she told me she’d been dancing since she was two.  She explained that the older she got the more difficult it became because of the weight of the clothing.  She had such a beautiful spirit and danced like a butterfly.

Christina Dances On Air

3 thoughts on “Cultural Exploration a Little Closer to Home: Stone Mountain Pow-wow

  1. Tiffany these are beautiful, when I talk to Jackson next I will be sure to ask about the festival. When was in MA this summer, one of the days we went to a farm and got to pet and feed the animals. He loves that type of activity..My Friends, I love it.


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