Sydney Holden USA Track & Field Youth Athlete of the Year

Sydney- USATF Youth Athlete of the Year.  Olympic gold Medalist Allyson Felix signs an autograph for Sydney and Taylor

Sydney – USATF Youth Athlete of the Year. Olympic gold Medalist Allyson Felix signs an autograph for Sydney and Taylor

This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Daytona Beach and to capture photos as my beautiful and talented god-daughter Sydney Holden was honored as the youth athlete of the year at the Jesse Owens Awards ceremony presented by Nike.  When Sydney called me last month and asked me if I could attend, there was no doubt that I’d be there.  I’ve known Sydney her entire short life, and while we are separated by a great distance since she and her family live out in Los Angeles she is always close in my heart.

syd blog 2

Even with a table in a prime location, and a magazine with a whole page talking about her, Sydney played it cool.  I loved seeing her read the article about herself, she sat there at the table and read it intently for quite a while.

blog 3

Sydney shared the stage with both present and former Olympic Athletes, and showed an unbelievable amount of poise for an 8-year-old.  She was excited to be there, and I believe she was initially caught off guard by how excited some people were to actually meet her and take pictures with her, but as she does just about everything she took it in stride.

syd blog speech

If I hadn’t seen that deer in headlights face right before she approached the stage and gave her acceptance speech, I might begin to wonder if she was superhuman.  Even with that face, I cannot imagine addressing a room of 800 people at her age.  To be honest, I can’t imaging addressing a room with that many people right now!

syd speech

I warned her mom that she might need to be prepared to stand up with Sydney, at least on the side of the stage, as she stood up in a room with close to 1,000 people and gave her acceptance speech.  Boy was I wrong.  Even though she was tired. Sydney marched up there like she’d done this dozens of times and gave an amazing speech that she wrote herself, receiving a standing ovation.

syd blog award

Afterwards some of these same Olympic Athletes that she had just graced the stage with sought her out.  They shared with her words of encouragement to keep on running, some even told her that she was inspirational to them, and she wrapped up this amazing weekend by signing autographs.

sydney holden usatf-13

Dan O’Brien Interviews Sydney after she accepts her award

USATF Olympians

sydney holden usatf-23

Aries Merritt 110 Hurdles Gold Medalist

sydney holden usatf-22

Dawn Harper Olympic Gold Medalist Hurdles

sydney holden usatf-24

Past Present and Future – Jackie Joyner Kersee, Allyson Felix and Sydney Holden

sydney holden usatf-25

sydney holden usatf-29

Olympian and 400 meter hurdle world record holder Kevin Young

Kevin Young was such a smooth dude.  He asked Sydney if he could take a picture with her, and of course she nonchalantly said yes.  He is the world record holder for the 400 meter hurdles, and he wears the time on his lapel 46.78!

sydney holden usatf-31

Sydney and Coach Sanoma and Coach Woods from the LA Jets

Sydney and her "Biggest Fan"  Big Sis Taylor

Sydney and her “Biggest Fan” Big Sis Taylor

The Holden's

The Holden’s Sydney’s incredibly supportive parents- And my Amazing Friends!

I have always known that little Sydney was an amazing young lady but I must admit she might have outdone herself this weekend.  I couldn’t be more proud of her.   She capped off the weekend by signing autographs.  Sydney (In cursive) Holden (printed)- just in case you forgot she was only 8!

sydney holden usatf-36

Thank you Sydney for allowing me to be a part of what I know will be one of many big days for you.  I’m very blessed to be a part of your life.

Be sure to check out Sydney’s acceptance speech.  Best advice from Sydney given in her speech, “If you go for what you want, you will always accomplish it”.

Sydney is off to run in the Junior Olympics this weekend in New Mexico.  I can’t wait to hear all about it.

Visit my online gallery to view more images from the USATF  Jesse Owens Awards Ceremony.

One thought on “Sydney Holden USA Track & Field Youth Athlete of the Year

  1. I just watched the Jesse Owens Award Show and I saw your God-Daughter, Sydney Holden, receive her award for Youth Athlete of the Year. What an adorable young lady she is. I am 62 yrs old and I love and live for Track & Field, being a former high jumper & pole vaulter. I look forward to hearing about this remarkable young woman’s accomplishments in the future.


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