Wow is it really the end of March?  It has been quite a month!  I have been wanting to share the images we took  at our Child and Family Photo Walk during Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI).  What’s WPPI you ask?  It’s like a week-long camp for photographers.  Imagine over 10,000 photographers and photo enthusiasts descending upon Las Vegas for a week of learning, socializing, networking and a trade-show that will make you come home with an extra suitcase and empty pockets.  Attendees from around the world to learn from the best and participate in some amazing shootouts and photo walks.  This was my 2nd year in Vegas for WPPI and I really enjoy this time that I have learned to set aside to invest in myself and my business.  During my first time at WPPI as a newbie  I didn’t learn about all of the fabulous photo-walks and shoot outs until the end of the conference.  And while I managed to squeeze one in it left me wanting more.  So this year I was prepared, I knew to bring my equipment and leave time in my schedule for some shootouts.    But since I’ve decided to specialize in children and families, I was really looking for shoots that either focused on that or had a good number of children, seniors or families.  There weren’t any.  So about a month before we were scheduled to go to Las Vegas,Marcia Stuhler of Dallas based Love is Love Photography and I agreed to collaborate and pull together  a children’s and family photo-walk.  The Las Vegas Springs Preserve provided the perfect backdrop for our photo shoot and we met some amazing families as well.  Thanks to everyone for coming out.  We can’t wait to come back again next year!

kid_fam_tpp-447 kid_fam_tpp-443

How cute was this family?  I could have taken pictures of miss Danica all day long.  She clearly had her own ideas about where she should stand for her family photos and how she should pose ( my kinda girl) !

kid_fam_tpp-439 kid_fam_tpp-438

By the time little Coco got in front of my camera she had pretty much had enough but she was such a precious little girl.  9- months old and staring me down already.

kid_fam_tpp-306 kid_fam_tpp-437

kid_fam_tpp-440 kid_fam_tpp-048

Then the little babies and their parents came out to play.  Well they weren’t quite ready to play yet but we will look forward to seeing how they grow.

kid_fam_tpp-002 kid_fam_tpp-020

Did I mention Love is Love Photography specializes in celebrating and telling stories of families in the LGBT community?  So when we put out a model call and selected the families to participate in our photo walk we had some specific goals in mind.  We wanted families that represented diverse background.  As Marcia calls them “Modern Families”  So we sought out families of color and members of the LGBT community to ensure a beautiful mixture of children and families.  Our goal for the 2013 WPPI Children and Family Photo Walk was to make sure the images that fellow photographers left this photo walk with were a true representation of the diverse world that we live in, and I believe we definitely achieved that.

kid_fam_tpp-446 kid_fam_tpp-066 kid_fam_tpp-2218

The red hair, the blue sky, the pink and orange colors.  Love it all around, how could you not?  Poor Lanie got a splinter right before we met so she was less than enthused about being there.  In typical three-year old fashion the “imaginary” splinter (we never found it) was the end of the world for her and the end of the road for their photos, but such a cute and fun family.


He had me at the bow-tie!  I was gonna steal Grayson and bring him back to Atlanta with me, but I think Jackson might be jealous.  Jax likes the babies, but Grayson might not be small enough for him.

kid_fam_tpp-442 kid_fam_tpp-2310

There were so many families that come out to our Child Family Photo Walk I was unable to photograph them all.  So be sure to stop by Love is Love Photography’s Blog  and see the images she captured.  Miss Chanel Ryan was another talented photographer that will share her images.  We can’t wait to share the rest of the images with the wonderful families who came out to model for us.  We really enjoyed meeting you all .

A special thank you to the Springs preserve for accommodating our group and providing such a beautiful backdrop we look forward to coming back next year.

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