Danette Moss Book Signing

Last week I had an opportunity to photograph a book signing by Ms. Danette Moss for her new book Let’s Talk Strategies: Conversations with Millionaires and Highly Successful Entrepreneurs.  d’Vine Wine Bar was a lovely setting for an intimate gathering of friends family and supporters as Ms. Moss shared more about her inspiration for this book.

d'vine wine bar glasses D_Moss_Strategy_FB-178 D_Moss_Strategy_FB-175 D_Moss_Strategy_FB-234 D_Moss_Strategy_FB-232 D_Moss_Strategy_FB-228 D_Moss_Strategy_FB-223 D_Moss_Strategy_FB-220 D_Moss_Strategy_FB-218 D_Moss_Strategy_FB-067 D_Moss_Strategy_FB-063 D_Moss_Strategy_FB-061 D_Moss_Strategy_FB-060 D_Moss_Strategy_FB-194D_Moss_Strategy_FB-120D_Moss_Strategy_FB-183

If you haven’t had an opportunity to purchase this book yet be sure to go out and get it . Every aspiring business person should add Let’s Talk Strategies to their personal library.  Here’s a slideshow with more images.


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