Atlanta Event Photographer | Atlanta Steeplechase

I love this time of year.  For me, April signals the return of the outdoor festival and event season here in Atlanta.  Even though this year I missed some of my favorites like the Inman Park Festival and the Dogwood Festival it was fun to try something different.  The Atlanta Steeplechase is held every year at Kingston Downs in Bartow County.  A great day of food fellowship and fun with girlfriends.

Relaxing at the Atlanta Steeplechase

The tricked out tailgating tents, and colorful hats were a sight to see.  This is a family friendly event complete with rides and a petting zoo with a camel and a zebra.  Jackson did not come with me to the Steeplechase, instead we had a wonderful girls day out, and I even wore my own big blue hat.

Rolling in the Rolls Royce

How cool was these cars, and these ladies looked like they were ready to hit the road.  Members of the Rolls Royce owners club were so nice to let us take a few pictures with these beautiful cars.

Don't look back!

Don’t look back!

Atlanta Steeplechase Atlanta Steeplechase

I can’t wait to return next year.  The Atlanta Steeplechase was worth the extra effort and drive.  I’ll have to start my search for the perfect hat a little bit sooner.  It was too late this year, but I realized that through the power of Facebook I have some friends that will be able to help me complete my look next year with a perfectly crafted custom designed hat.  If you need to top off your outfit make sure you check out Christine Designs by Andre Millinery.  You might remember seeing some of Andre’s designs like these :Christine Designs by Andre Millenery

Aubrey Holt_Christine Designs

in my post about Tomorrow’s Luminaries Foundation Annual Polo Match, if you missed it you can see more here.

The Steeplechase was great, and I enjoyed these ladies to the fullest.  I might be a flip-flops shorts and t-shirt kinda girl but I always love to step it up a little bit every once in a while.  Can’t wait till next year!

Big Hats!

Click here to see more pictures from the Atlanta Steeplechase


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