Miles in Protest! | Atlanta Family Portrait Photographer | Just a Peak

What can I say, it took me a year to get these kids in front of the camera.  I met Mr. Miles and his beautiful sister last summer during the Atlanta Jazz Festival.  As I was weaving my way through the crowds trying to get closer to the stage he kinda reached out for my camera and was like – hey take my picture – and started to jump in and out of the wagon he and Harper were sharing.  I chatted his parents up, I really loved the attached cooler that their little red wagon.  Actually writing this post reminds me, I need to find one of those for Jackson.  Anyway, back to Miles, he and Harper both have personality for days so when their mom finally called and said I need some pictures of the kids I was like bring it on.  While I haven’t done a photo session with them until now, we’ve developed a friendship and the kids always have a great time together.

Now, on with the protest.  Miles has energy for days.  And in the past few days  his mom’s Facebook page has a thread that might aptly be named  “Miles Behaving Badly”.  But the truth is he’s just being an energetic, adventurous four-year old.

So uncharacteristically,  here you go.  Straight out the camera.  No time for edits for this one.  My man Miles!




I don’t think I’ve held my breath this much in any other photo shoot.  This kid is absolutely fearless.Higgs_Mles_Blog-402




Higgs_Mles_Blog-046About  one third of the way through our session I told Miles I wasn’t gonna be able to let Jackson play with him anymore because he would get him into trouble.  Before Kenyette could get offended I just said, if Jackson were here he’d be following right behind Miles.  So when I look at how Miles chooses to be “in protest” at age four I can’t help but wonder, is THIS really what the fours look like?  When is it that they calm down and listen for more than a nanosecond? Will I survive the Threes?

Jackson, at age 3, remains incredibly lovable and empathetic, fiercely independent and I think it’s time we add  adventurous to the list of words that describe him. Higgs_Mles_Blog-126




Higgs_Mles_Blog-105If you ask Jackson what word he’d use to describe himself he would inevitably say ” I’m Strong!”

So there you have it.  Miles (4) in protest and just a peak at his buddy Jax(3)

One thought on “Miles in Protest! | Atlanta Family Portrait Photographer | Just a Peak

  1. Absolutely loved the shoot! And there is noway the truth ever offends… The 3’s are but a dress rehearsal for the furious 4’s….


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