The Calm Before the Storm- A Break in the Clouds

I have been bad about updating this blog but this simmer has been extremely busy with travel, and family, and some wonderful clients interspersed in between.  Trying to balance being a working mom who is trying to grow a business and the “flexible” parent trying to grow a business often feels like the never ending to do lists not only never end, but they don’t even get smaller.  And as I traverse the challenges of raising an extremely spirited 3 year old boy with seemingly never ending energy;  I find myself wondering if I have it in me to power through and keep on chasing this dream.  So yesterday was a busy day as usual, with one exception;  my beautiful little cousin is visiting from Winthrop MA.  When she expressed an interest in photography last year I invited her to come spend some time in Atlanta so that I could share what I know with her about photography and just so we could spend some time together.  The rain hasn’t exactly been our friend this week but we have still managed to get in some fun photo shoots (more on that later).  She has also never been to Atlanta, so we have also tried to show her the sites.  So Sarah, Jackson and I headed to Stone Mountain yesterday evening and decided to tackle the summit on foot.   There were a lot of real and imagined obstacles to this adventure.  Since rupturing my achilles and having surgery to repair my 2nd leg to suffer from this injury almost 2 years ago I have not exercised.  I really wasn’t sure if I could make it to the top and I definitely wasn’t sure if little Jackson could make it.  And as we exited the car with the rumble of thunder in the distance I flashed back to four years ago when my then 8 year old niece and I were caught in a torrential downpour  and thunderstorm when we were about 1/3 of the way down the mountain.  She thought it was a blast to jump in the puddles and was excited by the prospect of sitting on her butt and sliding down that slippery rock.  I was quietly terrified and couldn’t imagine what I would do if something were to happen to her, but I didn’t want her to see how panicked I was in case it scared her as well.

So I stood momentarily paralyzed with visions of me already winded and tired trying to carry Jackson up/ down Stone Mountain interspersed with flashbacks to my water-slide adventure with Naimah.  But folks were still heading up the mountain and I didn’t want to disappoint Jackson or Sarah  so we headed on up.  We made it to the top and back, and we even escaped the storm.  As we neared the bottom, my legs were quivering and I was moving slower and slower but still moving.  As I shared the facts that my legs were shaking  with Jackson  and Sarah, she turned to me and said that’s what you get for heading out with someone who exercises every day and a 3 year old….

stone mountain prestorm-090 stone mountain prestorm-085 stone mountain prestorm-064 stone mountain prestorm-046 stone mountain prestorm-044 stone mountain prestorm-043 stone mountain prestorm-037 stone mountain prestorm-024 stone mountain prestorm-016

Sarah and Jackson Stone Mountain Summit

Sarah and Jackson Stone Mountain Summit

stone mountain prestorm-083

stone mountain prestorm-100

So the excitement, energy and curiosity of a preschooler were enough to get me up and down the mountain and as we watched the storm clouds roll in and engulf the city skyline it was a wonderful reminder that sometimes a little break from our routine might be just what we need to feel re-invigorated.


And then a little throwback to 2009 when Naimah and I had some fun puddle jumping.   I can’t believe this girl is 12 now.  But I bet we could still have some fun with the puddles.



5333_107367272970_4185711_n 5333_107367282970_414718_n 5333_107367287970_5228391_n 5333_107368247970_764981_n stone mtn inspire

4 thoughts on “The Calm Before the Storm- A Break in the Clouds

    • Thank you. It was funny to think about the time with Naimah and look back at my pictures of her from 2009 and then see Jackson copying the same activities. They grow up so fast. I’m glad I have these images to spark great memories of the times Naimah and I have spent together when she visits Atlanta.


  1. The things we will do so our little ones have fun and wont get disappointed by us. Thanks for sharing the memories. They are just lovely. Also awesome pics I especially like the one you captured of the storm clouds.


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