A Really Good Photobooth- Kayce Hughes; A Really Good Strut

Kayce Hughes Westside Strut Posters

Kayce Hughes A Really Good Strut

So I didn’t mean to wait so long to share these fun photos from the Photo Booth at Kayce Hughes last Friday during a Really Good Strut over at Westside Provisions.  These four images were the ones from my mommy and me shoot that we decided to display during the event.  Aren’t these girls beautiful!  It was so hard to decide which ones to use.  I’ll have to show you more from the mommy and me shoot later, but here are some fun ones from the photo booth and a few candids from A Really Good Strut.  If you would like to see more pictures from the Photobooth and a few candid shots from A Really Good Strut you can visit here:  http://TPPHOTO.shootproof.com/KayceHStrut .

kayce hughes twins kh_blog-007

We even managed to capture a few folks in front of the camera who usually stay behind it.  Be sure to stop over to check out Cameron’s blog over at Atlanta Street Fashion

kh_blog-032 kh_blog-040 kh_blog-067 kh_blog-090 kh_blog-092 kh_blog-157 kh_blog-181 kh_blog-4674 kh_blog-4683 kh_blog-4694


Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello and check out the beautiful clothes in Kayce Hughes’ new Fall line.  Thanks Kayce Scott and Rachel for allowing Tiffany Powell Photography to be apart of your wonderful event.



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