A Wild 3rd Birthday Celebration: Quynn says goodbye to her two’s at Zoo Atlanta!

The weather was absolutely perfect when we headed to Zoo Atlanta to Celebrate Quynn’s 3rd Birthday.  Quynn is one of Jackson’s first friends and BFFs even though we don’t get them together nearly enough and it is crazy to see how much she has grown.  When her mom asked me if I would photograph the festivities I was honored to do so.  Lynette is a party planner extraordinaire and she is incredibly creative when it comes to creating a theme and following through down to the little details.  I have found a kindred creative spirit in her when it comes to planning for our children’s birthdays and I have enjoyed collaborating and bouncing ideas off of her for Jackson’s and Quynn’s parties.  I didn’t have anything to do with the planning or execution of this one and while she said she was going to take it easy since this one was at a destination she still pulled out the punches and focused just the right amount on the details.  Everyone had a wonderfully wild good  time.


We went on a behind the scenes adventure at  Zoo Atlanta and the children learned about the Pandas and other animals at the zoo.  They even had a few furry and slimy friends come to visit and got to be pandas themselves if they felt like dressing up.

quynn_blog collage-341

The train and carousel were great fun for everyone and rounding out the day at the splash pad was a perfect way to cool off as we said good bye to summer.

quynn_blog collage-89With so many friends around Quynn was a bit distracted when we tried to get a quick family photo.

quynn_blog collage-93But she couldn’t escape my silly dance and launched into a great big belly laugh when I started jumping around to get her attention and then everyone burst into laughter.


quynn_web-646What a great celebration and everyone even learned a few things along the way.

quynn_blog collage-52quynn_blog collage-24quynn_web-187quynn_blog collage-66

I loved seeing all of the kids who are growing so quickly.  I even had a few double takes as familiar faces from her 1st birthday have morphed and matured and new siblings and babies have taken their place.

quynn_blog collage-581 quynn_blog collage-577 quynn_blog collage-166

Happy Birthday Quynn.  I look forward to continue watching you grow!



If you’d like to see more images from Quynn’s Birthday Panda Adventure you can visit this gallery.  And if you haven’t be sure to check us out on Facebook and please like Tiffany Powell Photography and let us know you stopped by!

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