Snow Day = Memories to be Made | Atlanta Portrait Photographer

For the record a snow day is all about making memories and having fun.  Last February, Jackson got to play in the snow with his cousins while we all spent the weekend together up in New England.  It was freezing, he didn’t even have a real snow-suit or boots but we all had a blast.

Cousins_wknd2013_winter-74  Cousins_wknd2013_winter-47    Cousins_wknd2013_winter-37

snow collageCousins_wknd2013_winter-39 Cousins_wknd2013_winter-32  Cousins_wknd2013_winter-34  Cousins_wknd2013_winter-26Cousins_wknd2013_winter-28 Cousins_wknd2013_winter-29 Cousins_wknd2013_winter-6 Cousins_wknd2013_winter-56Cousins_wknd2013_winter-31


Snowing here in Atlanta today and  mayhem has ensued with less than an inch of snow on the ground.  I get it, we lack the infrastructure and people are just not used to these weather conditions.  I’m heading to pick up the boy early s.  The snow falling always brings me great memories of childhood and playing outside in the snow for hours with my sisters.  We made the coolest Igloos in the snow the snowplow used to pile up on the side of our driveway.  For all my ATL peeps be safe, drive slowly, and enjoy the next however many days of closeness with ones loved ones while things get back to normal.  Carry on!

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