T&T in ONEderland | Atlanta Children’s Photographer|First Birthday Photography

Wow time sure does fly.  It’s wonderful to see so many of the babies I photographed when they were just a few days old reach these milestone birthdays.  Remember these tiny beautiful girls?   kid_fam_tpp-120 kid_fam_tpp-417    kid_fam_tpp-586   If not be sure to check out more images from their newborn session here

I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.

                                                      – Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland)

Well last week they turned one and last month I had the opportunity to take their 1st birthday pictures.  I have to be honest with you, I thought photographing my first set of newborn twins was tough.  But luckily I had a great team and we were able to keep the girls warm, fed and happily sleeping for most of the time.  It was an epic photo session but I loved the results.  I think they were 5 days old in these pictures.  Fast forward to last month.  Man the newborn version of these cuties had nothing on these soon to be one year olds.  They were so active and weren’t too excited about having their pictures taken.  When I spoke with mom about setting up their photo session I asked if they were walking and her response was one is kinda….. well let me tell you, this was a perfect example of how quickly babies grow and change .  By the time the date of the photo session arrived they were both walking…. And I must admit this was one of my most challenging photo shoots to date.  These sweet girls gave me hugs when I first saw them with no problem, but as the photoshoot unfolded there were simply tears galore.  And getting them bot to look in the direction of the camera, even for a brief second turned out to be a next to impossible feat.  But once again we had a wonderful team working on this photo session, and this time we were armed with cupcakes.  

There was an incredible amount of effort and resources put into create this Alice in Wonderland themed photoshoot from the creative design, vision and styling of the children’s outfits from Meyonda Apparel Design Essentials and the creation of custom Tutus and matching hats by Latobia Brown of Runway Kiddies for the twins cakesmash to the deliciously cute cupcakes created by Kimberly Houston of  Adonai Desserts And the wonderfully detailed Mad Hatter Cake by Heather King of Kakestry.   Maki Fresh Atlanta for allowing us to utilize their space and keeping us hydrated and fed throughout the afternoon.   And of course Kimberly Wright of JonAshton PR and Breathless Moments Design for helping to pull everything together behind the scenes and doing such an incredible job of spreading the word about our project.  And a special shout out and thank you goes to my friend  Sirena White of Aneris Photography for coming all the way from Charleston to help me bring this vision to fruition and capture some incredible behind the scenes and detail shots.  onederland details

I will share much more from the Teacups and Tutus ONEderland photo session in a separate post.  This one is to wish two bundles of cuteness a very happy 1st birthday.

Taleeyah & Tariyah and their big brother Jeremiah came to see me all the way from Lagrange, GA for our second meeting ever.  They definitely made me and my team work for it but we were still able to capture this moment.  

ONEderland-250 wm tnt-onederland252-1wm This is the same basket that the girls fit into so comfortably when they were newborns.  In my mind while I was planning their photo session  I thought it would be cute to show them both with the basket again either standing inside of it or holding it over their head.   tnt_onederland-3 These girls were on the move, and every time I was able to get one of them in place and calm the other one had other plans.  Tariyah and Taleeyah made me work for every shot.  Luckily I had a secret weapon.  Big brother Jeremiah came to the rescue.  ONEderland-296 wmtnt-312-1 He had quite a calming effect on the girls and scooped them into his arms to help them feel more secure (and hold them still).

ONEderland-274 wm-1

onederlandtwins tweedled 

We are All Mad Here

We are All Mad Here_ Lewis Carroll


tnt_onderland_wm-366  tnt_onderland_wm-1178Of all the pictures if I had to pick a favorite it would be this one.   I thought about removing her tears from the image because you can see the beginnings of a smile underneath.  But I think the teardrop on her cheek and the curves in her lips are absolutely perfect.  The girls were a bit frustrated and cranky but there were peaceful moments interspersed throughout the afternoon.  Thanks to mommy Alexis for trusting me to capture this milestone moment in your children’s lives.  I’m looking forward to birthday number two.  Thanks again to all of the incredible vendors and everyone who provided their time and expertise to this fun photo shoot.5x7 collageonederlandBe sure to check back here soon to see the incredible 3,4 and 5-year old personalities that blessed my camera for the 2nd part of our ONEderland photoshoot.


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