Aaliyah- Atlanta Child Model

Oh my cuteness!  this girl is an absolute barrel of cuteness.  When her aunt contacted me about photographing Aaliyah I was happy to meet her.  She came quite a way to see me, and when they arrived at my home studio I honestly was wondering what we were going to do with.  But she sure did clean up well, and it took her a while but once she was comfortable with me and her new surroundings, she certainly turned it on.


Aaliyah comp cardAaliyah_Web-3-3


Absolutely love these sneakers.  #Toddler Swag!I want a pair though Make mine Red!

aaliyah_blog-333 aaliyah_blog-2-2 alliya blog 3aaliyah_blog-2Those Eyes (swoon).  Miss Aaliyah is on the scene. Big things in the future for this girl I suspect.  Can’t wait for our next photo session!

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