Ross Oscar Knight Celebrates 10 & 35

ROK_1 While his wife Brandi stood behind him watching proudly Ross Oscar Knight addressed the crowd at his 10 year anniversary and 35th Birthday Celebration at his gallery at  Studioplex.  In 10 years he has grown his business and become a world renown photographer. However what has always struck me most about Ross is his Humility.  As I’ve watched him grow as an artist and become a father it is clearly an incredible journey (at least from my point of view) but it has clearly not been done with out sacrifice, determination, hard work, big dreams, faith and fearlessness.  I can’t wait to see where the next ten years takes this dude.

ROK-4813  ROK2 My favorite media personalities Jazzie and Sonny Jones-Smith from Louddmouth Radio Network  were (briefly) in the building and had an opportunity to check out Ross’s incredible work and his latest book.  HIM—In his Moment. Make sue you go and buy a copy. http://www.ross Ross shared his story on how he left an education and career in engineering  to pursue his passion.  (Nope not photography (per se But Connecting with People) )and then graciously acknowledged that he did not arrive here on his own.  And extended heartfelt thanks to his friends family and supporters including another talented photographer whom I had the pleasure of working with years ago while I was at CCHR Cliff Robinson.  He said he had to read his speech for fear of getting choked up.  So If you’d like to hear what he has to say you can read it here.  ROK-4788 ROK-4799 He shared how when people did not believe in his dream he wore it on his chest for all to see until everyone began to see the vision as well and started saying hey, are you a photographer?  Do you have a card?  ROK-4796  I guess when I don’t have my mini mouthpiece Jackson with me singing his “mommy’s a Tographer” song I should rock my PhotograpHER and Mom’s Gonna Snap T-shirts from Clikin Moms more often…I am always impressed by anyone who dares to dream and follow an unexpected path, but it is rare to find someone who has done it with such intention, class and purpose.  So here’s to your success Ross and a job well done.

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