Girlfriends Get-Away- Even if Only for a Day | Barnsley Gardens

Last year I had so much fun attending the Steeplechase with my friend Kimberly and her girlfriends from several different circles.  I have to be honest, at first I was like wear a dress, and a hat, sounds cool but no thanks!  But I love Kim and her spirit and definitely was in need of some adult time so I went and we all had a great day.  And yes there were plenty of big hats, and cute dresses and gloves (gasp) but mostly it was great conversation with a wonderful group of women.  So when this year rolled around without hesitation I was in.  I blocked of the day, found another dress and a hat and had the hubby ready to entertain Jackson all day so that I could get in some me time.  And then there was the weather forecast.  Lots and lots of rain.  It wasn’t looking good for our crew, but I was still optimistic.  As it turned out they opted to forego the race and just get together for lunch, but I was already committed.  So I headed off to Rome, in the afternoon with one other brave sister-friend in tow.  It wasn’t the same as last year, no elaborate spread of food and to be honest we missed all but 2 of the races but it was still a perfect day of relaxation and conversation and photography.  Rotricia and I may have connected through Mocha Moms and our children who are similar ages, but it is our love of photography focusing on the details, and just keeping it real, that has solidified this bond.  Atlanta Steeplechase Atlanta Steeplechase Atlanta SteeplechaseHowever I have to be honest with you, it was what happened on the way back from the Steeplechase that made this an unexpectedly perfect day for me.  I have been wanting to check out Barnsley Gardens for quite some time, but never seem to find the time.  On our way back we made a detour and had a great tour.  We stopped in the lobby area to get a map and were greeted by this spectacular display of jewelry from Bourbon and Boweties barnsley-144 and had an opportunity to speak with the Carley Ochs the owner/ designer of this incredible line.  They were having a trunk show and I will definitely be getting some of these bracelets. barnsley-142 barnsley-143 If you aren’t familiar be sure to check out Bourbon and Bowties website  for a list of retailers and boutiques where it is sold.

We explored lush green gardens with pops of color provided by the various flowers and bushes on the property.barnsley-202 flower 4barnsley-192 barnsley-191 barnsley-190 barnsley-181 barnsley-159 barnsley-152barnsley-236There was a wedding reception being held in the ruins so we couldn’t go inside another reason to return I suppose. barnsley-228

barnsley-223barnsley-218these cute mason jar vases were used to decorate the aisles.  A stunning venue.  Who is getting marries or holding an event at Barnsley Gardens?  Call me I would love to be your photographer.  Meandering pathways through the property guided our steps and our conversation and I truly enjoyed this not so many races day at the races with my friend.  barnsley-148 Can’t wait to head back to the Steeple Chase next year with the crew, and with the addition of the talented and creative Rotricia of Create Cook Capture  we will most definitely be “Sitting Pretty”.  This years quiet walk and thoughtful conversation in the gardens was just what I needed.  Next time the hubby and I are looking for a quick get away from Atlanta Barnsley Gardens will definitely be on the short list.  barnsley-243 barnsley-239

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