A Sweet Night at the Capitol & S’More

capitol gridFun times celebrating a Sweet Night at the Capitol & S’more hosted by Doughmesstic.com and Dixie Crystals at the Swan House.  I’m excited to try a few of these recipes in the S’mores Cookbook and introduce Jackson to the wonderful combinations that can be created with chocolate and marshmallows.  I didn’t win one of the three Kitchen Aide Mixers that were given away but boy was I hoping I did.  The food from Proof of the Pudding was delish, I particularly enjoyed the cronuts and wonder how these tasty morsels have alluded my palate for so long.

sweetcapitol-435 I was inspired by BBJ Linen’s creation of a dress from an overlay and a sash.  You should expect to see something similar with my next Maternity photo session.


The Swan house continues to remain one of my favorite Atlanta venues.  I’ve got to get back over to the Atlanta History Center to check out the Kinsey Collection, an exhibit of artifacts, rare books and works of Art commemorating the artistic, historic and cultural contributions of African-Americans before it leaves the History Center in July.

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