Jax was here! | Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer | From where I sit

Dixie Crystals Sugar Scrub

It all started with this deliciously smelling handmade Lemon Rosemary Sugar Scrub from A Sweet Night at the Capitol” a fun event organized by Susan Whetzel of DoughMesstic.com and hosted by Dixie Crystals last week at the Atlanta History Center’s  Swan House.  After a wonderful tour of the Swan House, and some delicious food provided by Proof of the Pudding, I returned home with two hand-made sugar scrubs.  After a long week, I decided to reclaim my bathtub from the munchkin, have a relaxing soak and try out my new Primrose Healing Lemon Rosemary Hand Scrub.  No one said it could only be used for hands.  I filled up my bathtub and  then I don’t know what happened.  I never got in, and Jackson claimed it as his personal pool to practice his newly acquired skill of fearlessly putting his head under water and holding his breath…



JAX TAKES OVERHe was having so much fun I couldn’t resist pulling out my camera.  He has claimed his stake in my bathtub which of course is considerably deeper, and larger than the one in his bathroom.  So I’m super glad these swimming lessons are paying off and am not at all surprised that my child has an affinity for water just like his mom.  To top it off he carefully inserted his goggles into the faucet to balance that car and leave his signature… Jackson Was Here.  And he’s here to stay.

On a side note one of my friends out there with a pool needs to invite us over for a swim.  I don’t think we will make it until the end of May when the Pools open here.  Every day on our way to & from school he asks me is today a pool day?  It’s going to be a long month I suspect unless I find him somewhere else to swim.  But in the meantime I guess he’ll practice in my (his) bathtub.

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