Jackson Thinks Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags Over Georgia is Awesome! |Atlanta Event Photographer

Ever have one of those days when despite a somewhat rocky start things just come together? Well today was one of those days where the sheer joy & excitement that remained on my son’s face during our “adventure” was absolutely priceless. Today, thanks to @tastemakermag, were able to attend a VIP preview day for Hurricane Harbor the all new water park at Six Flags Over Georgia. We arrived just in time for the opening of the wave pool and once Jackson got in there I wasn’t sure he would ever leave.



We had a wonderful time hanging out with @mikoknows and her crew.  The small number of photos in this post should be a testament to how much fun we had.



No time to take a ton of photos today, I was too busy hanging with the munchkin.  20140530-035043.jpg

Hurricane Harbor has a great set up with cute attention to detail throughout. 20140530-040438.jpg 20140530-040424.jpg



We spent more than 4 hours at Hurricane Harbor and the kids didn’t want to leave. When I initially took a at the website I figured Jackson would only be able to really take advantage of Paradise Island the interactive Children’s play area, but he was able to ride the water slides with me & enjoy Calypso Bay. My fearless four-year old loved every minute of it, and despite my absolute exhaustion from trying to keep up with him in the hot sun it was truly the best day ever. When we finally made it home, he was asleep in under 5 minutes with a smile still plastered on his face, and let’s be honest in this house any night where bedtime goes smoothly and sleep arrives quickly is a win in my book.  Jackson kept asking if they were open tomorrow.  I am certain we will be back once or twice before summer is out.  So if Hurricane Harbor is not on your summer to do list for family activities in Atlanta this summer, you should go ahead and add it to your list.




<img src=”https://

4 thoughts on “Jackson Thinks Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags Over Georgia is Awesome! |Atlanta Event Photographer

    • I just kept thinking. Man these vintage cars would be so cool for a styled photo shoot (family or high school senior) Was loving the surfing vibe. Jackson Crashed but he made it all the way home and several books later. I was astounded that he didn’t fall asleep (or at least stop talking) during our hour long car ride in traffic. Oh to have the energy of a four year old!


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