To the Moon and Back- or Maybe Just to Massachusetts

When we agreed to send Jackson to camp up in North Andover this summer and to allow him to spend time with his cousins, auntie and nana, I just kept thinking four weeks was such a long time for him to be away.  Even if he was surrounded by friends and family, he was going to be away from me.  Even as I reflected fondly on my childhood summers at the beach and the lake and the church picnic and Salem Willows I wondered if this was just too long.  But Jackson was so excited to head to “Nanny Camp” and go to Massachusetts.  As his excitement grew my apprehension diminished and instead I was able to welcome this gift my family was offering me.  A break from trying to juggle the duties of motherhood and being a small business owner, the ability to focus more on my husband and celebrate twelve years of marriage without trying to mange a fleet of babysitters and caregivers, and un-interrupted time for myself. So we packed up his clothes and a few toys, his scooter and favorite books and flew “home” to Boston.  As I released  my baby, not a baby- into the care of my mother and sister I had hoped for him and prayed that this would be a summer of growth and development for all of us.


In four weeks he grew  not just physically but he has just grown and blossomed thanks to my mom and my sister

blog1_1Summer fun before he left at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

blog1_3We also headed to Lego Kids Fest

blog1_2First day of school  Pre-K  Geesh time is just flying by

blog1_4Before Jackson left for his vacation I gave him this cute personalized wristband from IBandz.  I was provided the wristbands in exchange for the review  and when I was selected , I immediately thought how can I remind Jackson he will be loved and missed when he’s away?  And then I decided to keep it simple.  I gave him his personalized IBandz wristband on  his way to Massachusetts  as a reminder of how much we loved him.  When he was getting ready to leave we gave one two his two older cousins.  I wasn’t sure if 8yo Idris would want to wear one but they were both excited about it.  I think my mom kinda wanted one too.

blog1_5When  Jackson started at his new school this week he was rocking his  (Love)U IBandz wristband again.  What a great way to remind him that he is loved.  IBandz is a great way to commemorate a special occasion, milestone birthday, event or personal mantra or hashtag.  You can learn more about IBandz or order your own custom wristband here #ibandzwristbandsrock.



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