It’s ok to Start the Party Now – #ElfBirthday is joining our Birthday Celebrations This Year.

If you know me, even a little bit, you know I love a good party.  Specifically I love focusing on the details of the party.  When I was invited to join some Atlanta Blogger friends at a blogger meet-up hosted by Niche Parent I admit, I didn’t know what to expect.  And I didn’t know much about #elfontheshelf.  I’ve seen the Facebook and Instagram posts with the mischievous elf, but generally wondered what all the hype was about.  Honestly having to be so creative with the elf seemed like more work than what I’d want to take on during the holidays but my friends and family who have been rocking with elf on the shelf for a few years now are really into it.  My cousin is a beast with the creative ways the elf entertains  and tricks her family during the weeks leading up to christmas.  Sometimes I just sit here and think what mind is this coming from… but I digress.   This is not a tradition we have incorporated into our home yet, but last weeks Meetup and a conversation with a friend of mine over lunch how she said a letter from Santa helped her then 5-year-old’s behavior improve immensely,  while I was visiting Boston last week got me to thinking. So last Saturday I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Chanda Bell  one of the co-founders of Elf on the Shelf.  I found her story of the grind and hustle of being a small start-up business working the pop up shop circuit inspiring, and her acknowledgment that sometimes the ability to “have it all” is a myth, refreshing.  But mostly I enjoyed hearing that The Elf on the Shelf grew from and continues to remain a family tradition even as it has grown to become an International Sensation.  I love the Birthday Chair Decoration Kit that was included in our swag bags from the event.  How nice would it be to even decorate your child’s chair at school on their special day?  Colorful & customizable are right up my alley when it comes to birthday celebrations!elf_2 so Saturday I got to go to A Piece of Cake’s new corporate headquarters to learn more about the newest Elf on the Shelf product the Birthday Elf.  I admit, as we continue to work on improving Jackson’s behavior at times I couldn’t help but immediately go to how this might help him to continue to behave without thinking he has to get something every day.  He;s big into his birthday, and I think the birthday elf might be able to help keep him in line in the weeks (months) preceding his birthday. elf_1Always great to see old faces and meet new ones.  Tamiko from @mikoknows how to rock a birthday hat even when it’s not her birthday and I loved how Joyce @Mommy Talk Show stayed camera ready ( I guess that’s her background in TV and journalism at it’s finest) even as she was learning more about this cute tradition, the company and it’s commitment to making a difference through supporting the non-profit organization Charity Water by donating $1.00 from the sale of each birthday Elf.  Charity water helps bring clean water to people in countries and communities without access to clean drinking water.  Here we take access to clean water for granted. Access to clean water is certainly a way to improve a family’s position and outcomes.elf_3 a few little ones were around but not when we were discussing the details of the Elf’s Magic.  elf_4It’s always great to connect with members of the Georgia Social Media Moms.  elfonshelf-26Did I mention it was at Piece of Cake?  Oh so delicious red velvet & vanilla cupcakes rounded out our delicious lunch from Corner Bakery.  elf_6 The cupcakes were of course fantastic and the new headquarters over on Collier Road, and event room at Piece of Cake were a great find.  Wheels are already turning for how  I can use the event space.  I will definitely be returning.  A special Thank you to  Kimberly Wright for inviting me to come out and to Nadia and Niche Parent for hosting  such a lovely event and for.  I’m  looking forward to the next one.

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