Center for Civil and Human Rights is Open

If you have not yet visited the Center for Civil and Human Rights, chances are you’ve heard of it.  Well if you follow me, you’ve definitely heard of it because I’ve been periodically sharing the progress of the center with you.  Well it has been open for almost two months now and it should be on your must do list whether you live in Atlanta or are just visiting.  Enjoy these images from the  Center’s Early Days .  As a place designed to share  current human rights issues while grounding them in the history of the civil rights era The Center for Civil and Human Rights is a unique place for the discourse of current events.   With the racial climate  and concerns for inequity and injustice currently permeating the counties social media channels and mainstream media I am glad that the Center for Civil and Human Rights Exists.   CCHROPENS_WM-62-2CCHROPENS_WM-199CCHROPENS_WM-2 CCHROPENS_WM-6 CCHROPENS_WM-7-2 CCHROPENS_WM-7-3 CCHROPENS_WM-23 CCHROPENS_WM-18 CCHROPENS_WM-24-2CCHROPENS_WM-30CCHROPENS_WM-29CCHROPENS_WM-70 CCHROPENS_WM-24 CCHROPENS_WM-36CCHROPENS_WM-7-3 CCHROPENS_WM-38-2 CCHROPENS_WM-54 CCHROPENS_WM-21-2 CCHROPENS_WM-38 CCHROPENS_WM-82CCHROPENS_WM-142 CCHROPENS_WM-112 CCHROPENS_WM-113 CCHROPENS_WM-66 CCHROPENS_WM-68 CCHROPENS_WM-128 CCHROPENS_WM-72 CCHROPENS_WM-83    CCHROPENS_WM-225


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