The Martin Family|Norcross Family Portraits

I just love photographing families.  It was hot and muggy on Saturday and the thunder rumbled in the distance but we managed to get a few great shots.  These images really need no further explanation from me.  Such a beautiful family all pretty in pink.  I love the interaction of these two sisters, they were so cute and polite.  Miss Lauren was a bit on the shy side, but I can tell Michelle has never met a stranger- both of them were absolutely fantastic.  Truly a joy to capture!

lou_blog_wm-2-4loukisslou_blog_wm-2lou_blog_wm-2-6lou_blog_wm-260lou_blog_wm-340-2lou_blog_wm-3lou_blog_wm-3-2lou_blog_wm-2-3lou_blog-211lou_blog_wm-433Thanks Loiuda for sharing your beautiful family with me.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

One thought on “The Martin Family|Norcross Family Portraits

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