Lemonade for Learning and a Cure | Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer

Yesterday my neighbor Gabby had a lemonade stand to benefit Camp Sunshine.  I learned a few things about Gabby and Camp Sunshine when Jackson and I stopped by on our way out for the evening.  Gabby is not quite 7 and celebrating 3 years cancer free.  I tried to find the words to describe “cancer” to Jackson because he wanted to know why she was selling lemonade.  But undoubtedly my description fell short.  I’m quite certain you can’t understand cancer unless you or a loved one have lived it.  So I was ill prepared to find the right words to share with my 4.5-year old what cancer really means.  September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and I’m grateful to Gabby and her family for sharing a bit of her experience and finally telling me what the building I’ve often passed on Clairmont Road and wondered what it was for.  Camp Sunshine is a wonderful organization whose mission is to “enriche(s) the lives of Georgia’s children with cancer and their families through recreational, educational and support programs”.  I am looking forward to learning more about the organization and how it accomplishes this.

Jackson and I enjoyed two delicious glasses of lemonade yesterday courtesy of Miss Gabby, and he thought it was absolutely delicious.  I see more lemonade stands in our future.


lemonade-3lemonade-7lemonade-2 lemonade-The neighbors came out to support Gabby and Camp Sunshine and were rewarded with a cool refreshing treat on a hot and humid Georgia afternoon.   lemonade-14lemonade-21lemonade-9 Here is a link to learn more about Childhood Cancer.  Thanks for sharing your story with us Gabby and Camp Sunshine, this Gem right down the street.

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