Riverwood High School Softball Team Senior Night

One of the things I truly love about Senior Photography is being able to celebrate my senior clients milestones along with them.  So many changes happen in this last year of school.  Jackson came along with me to watch the game and he made a few friends too.  I was so glad her family invited me to come out to senior night and see her play.  My very talented (and might I add beautiful) Senior Spokesmodel Amria was recognized for playing four years of varsity softball at Riverwood High School.  Here are some of the images I captured during the ceremony and a few from the game of her and her teammates.  blog_23b riverwood_northatl_tpp-43riverwood_northatl_tpp-58riverwood_northatl_tpp-72riverwood_northatl_tpp-92riverwood_northatl_tpp-91Shade, your girl is quite the force to be reckoned with on the Softball field.riverwood_northatl_tpp-85blog_26bJackson was a little more than excited.  Who needs toys or play-sets when you can have a pile of dirt?  Hours of endless entertainment!riverwood_northatl_tpp-219riverwood_northatl_tpp-111riverwood_northatl_tpp-108riverwood_northatl_tpp-105Good luck Riverwood in your remaining season and a special congratulations to the three seniors and their families for being one step further along in your journey!

Click here: Riverwood Softball Senior Night to see more!




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