I Bop You Bob We Bop – THE KIDS BOP KIDZ- “Dream Big Sing Loud!” Tour is coming to Atlanta

We made it, we made it, after 16 Flights, 10 Cities and 6 Countries any minute now, the Mister will be walking through the door and our little family of 3 will once again be complete.  These trips are always hard on all of us.  When he get’s home, he’s always happy to be home and Jackson is so excited but Jamal is also exhausted and Jet Lagged. And my standard response before he boards the plane for is 20ish hours of flying is “sleep on the plane cause when you get home you are on duty- mommy needs a break”.  This time I didn’t do that, instead I’ve scheduled a weekend where we’ll have enough downtime together but some fun activities for Jackson and I so that Jamal can try to catch up on sleep and join us in this time zone.  And I will rest next week.  So on the agenda this weekend, birthday parties, fall festivals and wait for it …Kidz Bob Kidz Live at Center Stage on Sunday.  Jackson and I will sing and dance the evening away and I gotta be honest I’m not sure who was more excited when I got the opportunity to cover this event, me or Jackson!


kidz bop banner

I’ve been rocking to the Kidz Bop Kids music since Naimah was Jackson’s age.  Jackson loves to sing and this will be right up his alley.  Time for us to celebrate.  Who know’s maybe I’ll even be able to convince Jamal to join us.  Are you going?

What:              KIDZ BOP, the #1 music brand for kids, is bringing the “Dream Big, Sing Loud!” tour to Rockford! The KIDZ BOP Kids are taking the stage to perform kid-friendly versions of today’s biggest hits in this high-energy and interactive show. The “Dream Big, Sing Loud!” live show is the ultimate family concert experience that guarantees to get everyone singing and dancing along!

The KIDZ BOP Kids have been named Billboard Magazine’s “#1 Kids’ Artists” for the fourth consecutive year. The latest addition to their best-selling series, KIDZ BOP 26, was released this summer.


Where:            Center Stage

1374 West Peachtree St NW

Atlanta, GA 30309

When:             Sunday, October 19th, 2014 Doors open at 6:00 PM Show starts at 7:00 PM


Who:               The KIDZ BOP Kids—Billboard’s #1 Kids Artists: Ashlynn Chong, Bredia Santoro, Grant Knoche and Matt Martinez


For more information about KIDZ BOP and the “Dream Big, Sing Loud!” tour, visit: www.kidzbop.com/tour.


Who knows maybe Jackson is destined for stardom in the future.  He definitely loves to sing.

And has personality for days.

jackson powrll-11

Check out those moves!

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