About Last Night-Diner En Blanc Atlanta 2015

Sunday evening I had an incredible time witnessing over 1,500 people descend upon Peachtree Street for an elegant diner complete with entertainment and dancing.  People were brought to the surprise pop up location by the busload from certain key points throughout Atlanta and while they may have come together as strangers many left as friends.  Diner En Blanc was a fantastic event.  Definitely not just diner, these people know how to party.  The music and entertainment were spectacular and Moet Chandon and Apothic Wine were incredible hosts and sponsors.  As a sea of people in their best white attire took over Peachtree Street I enjoyed spending time with my friend @LuxeTips and saw many other friendly and familiar faces throughout the evening.  The attire was white, the sky was dark and the atmosphere was festive!  I can’t wait to return next year to Diner En Blanc.  If you have an opportunity to attend this event in a city near you don’t miss out.  It will not disappoint.  Otis Threatt Diner En Blanc AtlantaDiner En Blanc AtlantaDEB_ATL-45DEB_ATL-67 DEB_ATL-70 Apothic White, Diner en BlancDEB_ATL-80DEB_ATL-82DEB_ATL-87DEB_ATL-229DEB_ATL-214DEB_ATL-210DEB_ATL-183DEB_ATL-181DEB_ATL-172DEB_ATL-155DEB_ATL-151DEB_ATL-141DEB_ATL-285DEB_ATL-264DEB_ATL-240DEB_ATL-239DEB_ATL-357DEB_ATL-365DEB_ATL-348DEB_ATL-377

Visit http://TPPHOTO.shootproof.com/debatl2015


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