Meet the Eliberts|Knowledge, Wisdom, Faith – and Little Boy Magic | Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer

Knowledge, Wisdom, Faith and Little Boy Magic

I had so much fun capturing this wonderful family during their photo session last month.  Elijah just loved the camera, I don’t think he took one bad picture.  It was the first day of the season where the weather was pretty nippy but Elijah and his parents didn’t show how cold it was in their photos.  As we walked around in Old Fourth Ward Park in Atlanta, I loved the connectedness of this beautiful family.  Eli’s energy and smile was infectious and both parents were so doting on this sweet boy, but particularly his momma.  Their Robert Graham shirts coordinated perfectly and I noticed some personalized embroidery on the bottom of Winchel’s shirt, “Knowledge Wisdom Faith” What strong personal and family values.  Felicia, it was lovely spending a few hours with your wonderful family.

Elibert_Family_Final-1 Elibert_Family_Final-11Elibert_Family_Final-12 Elibert_Family_Final-13 Elibert_Family_Final-9Elibert_Family_Final-15Elibert_Family_Final-2 Elibert_Family_Final-3 Elibert_Family_Final-4  Elibert_Family_Final-6 Elibert_Family_Final-5Elibert_Family_Final-8Elibert_Family_Final-7

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