Meet The Waldrop Family| Palo Alto Family Portraits| Friday Family Feature

I’m working on sharing my work more frequently this year so let’s start with a Friday Family Feature.  I have so many awesome clients I want to give you an opportunity to get to know them a little better.

Meet the Waldrops.  Cristal and I met when we were both newish to working in the Atlanta not for profit community.  We became lunch buddies and I’m blessed to be able to call her a friend.   Look familiar?  That’s because I’ve shared their photos from other sessions before.  Anderson and Mason are growing like weeds but still super cute and fun.  Cristal and Jon relocated to the west coast so I was super excited when we were able to coordinate a family session on my last trip out to San Francisco because I’d gotten used to photographing them every year for their holiday cards and love watching the boys get older so I was super excited we were able to get together.

They have so many birthday’s in February I figured I’d go ahead with a collective happy birthday to the Waldrop family.  Here are some images from when we found a break in the clouds during a rainy afternoon spent on Stanford’s Campus. It was so fun catching up with Cristal Jon and the boys and I only wished we had more time.  Stanford is a beautiful as I remembered even when it’s drizzling.  I am looking forward to just hanging out when we head back to California in a few months.

waldrop2015-15waldrop2015-21 waldrop2015-11 waldrop2015-2waldrop2015-19 waldrop2015-20waldrop2015-14 waldrop2015-3waldrop2015-6waldrop2015-17waldrop2015-4waldrop2015-5waldrop2015-10waldrop2015-9waldrop2015-8waldrop2015-7waldrop2015-1waldrop2015-12waldrop2015-13   One thing I love about my work as a photographer is how it allows me to connect with family and friends near and far even for just a brief time to capture your beautiful families.  I hope to see even more of you in 2016.

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